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Science Driven Commercialization

Understanding and Assessing the Landscape
  • Market and Product Assessment
  • Medical Marketing Assessment
  • Portfolio Strategy


Commercialization Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market & Key Opinion Leader Development
  • Product Positioning
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Communication Plan
  • Clinical Development Plan
  • Target Product Profile


Market Entry Optimization
  • Market Segmentation
  • Peri Launch Planning
  • Post Marketing Phase IIIb/IV Opportunities


Market Value Maximization
  • Brand Optimization
  • Lifecycle Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • New Business Development


A Letter From The President and CEO

Paul Vernon Buser once said, “Desire, like the atom, is explosive with creative force.” This thesis resonated with us as we sought a name that would offer our clients a glimpse into the soul of our company. Atom Strategic Consulting grew from the premise that, like the atom, a small team of educated and talented advisors could have a significant impact on your products, from bench to patient. Working together, we can assimilate scientific and market information and provide clear guidance to commercialization irrespective of the product’s phase in the life cycle.

While we bring passion and creativity to all of our projects, we also strive for functionality. The market necessitates that our end product be one that offers concrete recommendations to assist with market planning, entry, and market value maximization. Our assessments are designed to integrate with your company’s philosophy and analyze how that philosophy fits current and future markets. This approach has been successful for us and for our partners and allows us to forge a relationship that is sustained beyond the life of a project.

Atom Strategic Consulting is unusually equipped to offer our clients extensive depth and experience in several domains. Our principal advisors have a strong scientific educational base. This background not only affords our clients immediate expertise in several key areas, but also allows us the ability to research and quickly comprehend new fields. We have found these skills to be most beneficial when dealing with medical professionals and key opinion leaders. Many of these specialists know us; those who don’t quickly become confident that we are correctly absorbing the information they share. Successful career experience in pharmaceutical sales, clinical and medical affairs, business development and licensing and commercialization including medical and marketing launches allows us to offer a wide range of services.

Thank you for visiting the Atom Strategic Consulting website. I invite you to step inside our web portal and get to know us better. Here, you will find more information on our individual backgrounds and capabilities, as well as the services we provide. We look forward to employing our passion to help your team explode with great success.

Very truly yours,

Elizabeth Attias, M.M.Sc., Sc.D.
President and CEO of Atom Strategic Consulting