Atom Strategic Consulting advisors are committed to immersing ourselves in our clients business. We quickly elucidate and assimilate scientific and market information to ultimately provide individualized, strategic, and actionable recommendations, in addition to forming enduring partnerships.

Utilizing our scientific acumen, commercialization, marketing, and sales expertise, we will be the compass our partners desire from bench to patient. Our quest for strategic market optimization incorporates an integrated comprehensive approach and an articulation of both the current and future market and market dynamics. We will translate these dynamics and information into recommendations for the successful harvesting of business opportunities and recommendations for navigation through critical business issues. Atom Strategic Consulting’s guidance and recommendations will offer the momentum clients require to maximize value propositions.

As Atom Strategic Consulting advisors, we offer our personalized approach and our passion for success.

Elizabeth Attias

Elizabeth Attias, M.M.Sc., Sc.D.

President & CEO, Atom Strategic Consulting

Elizabeth Attias (Beth) founded Atom Strategic Consulting in 2000. As the President& CEO of Atom Strategic Consulting, Beth has worked with start-up companies, established biotechnology companies as well as small, mid-size, and large pharmaceutical companies on projects ranging from market development, strategic market entry, brand optimization, portfolio management and more. She has set an ambitious vision for the company and employed her scientific expertise to assist dozens of clients with clinical, launch, and post launch brand management campaigns.

Prior to founding Atom Strategic Consulting, Beth held several positions within the pharmaceuticals industry. Her work as the Associate Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs was recognized with a Medical Liaison Leadership Award in 1996. As Director of New Business Development in the Women’s Healthcare Division, her initiative earned her a place in Who’s Who Among American Women. Finally, as Category Director of Female Endocrine Products, Beth won a “Rising Star Award” from the Healthcare Business Women’s Association.   Beth is a member of several professional associations and served on the Duke University Women’s Health Advisory Board.

Beth graduated in 1984 with a B.S. from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. She went on to earn a Master of Medical Science from Emory University in 1987. She completed her academic career at The Johns Hopkins University. She graduated as a Maternal and Child Health National Fellow and with a Doctor of Science Degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health in 1992. She is the author of several scientific publications.

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Jimmy Black

Jimmy Black, Pharm.D

Medical Science Consultant, Atom Strategic Consulting

Jimmy Black, Pharm.D. is currently a Medical Science Consultant for Atom Strategic Consulting, LLC. He also worked as an independent consultant supporting a number of clients across a range of therapeutic areas including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular, and infectious diseases.

Jimmy’s prior experience includes time as a Senior Director for Medical Relations and Information, a division of Medical Development, for Amylin Pharmaceuticals, LLC. Dr. Black’s responsibility at Amylin included oversight and strategic direction for a 27 member Field Medical Team composed of Medical Science Liaisons and Managed Care Liaisons as well as oversight of the Medical Information (drug info) group for Amylin. Jimmy has been involved in Field Medical Team creation and management at Warner-Lambert (Parke-David) as well as Amylin from 1995 to 2013. Jimmy is extensively published in areas as diverse as the basic and clinical sciences to management issues within the pharmaceutical industry.

Prior to working in Pharma, Jimmy was Vice President for Professional Relations at Physician Corporation of America, Inc. (PCA) where he was responsible for the drug benefit design and management for all health plans affiliated with PCA. He also managed all provider contracts as well as oversight of the NCQA certification process of all affiliated plans. Jimmy was hired at Parke-Davis as an account manager due to his experience and expertise in managed care/managed markets. Jimmy continued this experience with Amylin where he was instrumental in the creation of the Managed Care Liaison (MCL) role. He was directly or indirectly involved in oversight of the MCL function throughout his time at Amylin. Jimmy has had the privilege of working on 13 novel pharmaceutical entities that were eventually launched into the US market.